Dar Williams

Singer-songwriter Dar Williams has been performing since 1990, releasing numerous critically-acclaimed albums including Mortal City, My Better Self, and Many Great Companions. Over the years, she has performed alongside notable folk musicians including the Indigo Girls and Joan Baez, who also recorded a duet with Williams. She enjoys sharing her passion for music with young people by instructing children at summer camps and teaching a course entitled “Music Movements in a Capitalist Democracy” at her alma mater, Wesleyan University. Her songwriting often incorporates themes surrounding gender, religion, and a disdain for commercialism. On top of her musical accomplishments, Williams has penned four books, including The Tofu Tollbooth, a guide for healthy eating while traveling in the contiguous U.S., and What I Found in a Thousand Towns, which explores what makes communities successful and provides practical advice to reinvigorate struggling towns.