The grounds at Mayapple

Mission Statement

The Mayapple Center cultivates imagination through artistic and intellectual cross-pollination in a distinctly 21st century climate.

About Mayapple Programs

The Mayapple Center offers separate programs in a variety of categories for different age groups and skill levels that promote cultural and intellectual vitality in the twenty-first century. These programs include:

  • Adult programs in the areas of creative writing, visual arts, music, humanities, and theatre for those over the age of 18 with two years of college experience
  • Weekend programs for middle school, high school, and college students aimed to increase cultural literacy
  • 30-day residencies for artists and scholars who are leading specialists in their fields
  • Humanities forums that discuss the state of the arts and humanities in the 21st century and propose creative solutions to twenty-first century issues
  • Study abroad programs for high school students and adults of all ages thematically targeted to promote study of the arts and humanities and provide hands-on instruction in the visual arts, creative writing, music, theatre, and humanities

Why Come to Mayapple?

Mayapple creates an atmosphere where artists and scholars of exceptional stature come to teach and collaborate with small groups of dedicated, like-minded participants.  Just one hour north of New York City, Mayapple offers diverse programs in a restorative environment where the pressures of quotidian life are suspended, freeing participants and faculty to pursue artistic and intellectual passions. The Center is located on a masterfully designed campus whose serene lake and peaceful landscape of trees and gardens serve to inspire its residents. Activities such as swimming, tennis, canoeing, yoga and meditation promote a strong sense of community among residents, with an emphasis on mindfulness. Massage therapy is available upon request. The center's holistic approach to artistic growth and development is also demonstrated by our dedication to sustainability. Our meals are partially prepared from organic produce from Mayapple gardens, and we serve locally-sourced food at every meal.